Dennis R. Westhoff,

M.Eng., P.Eng.

Senior Water Resources Engineer / Business Owner

Designation: Professional Engineer Alberta, British Columbia

Mr. Dennis Westhoff, founder of Westhoff Engineering Resources, Inc. has extensive experience in rural and urban water resources planning and development projects. His professional experience spans over 40 years in delivering numerous multi-discipline projects in Canada and developing nations overseas. Dennis’ civil engineering project experience includes:


  • Watershed planning and assessment

  • Hydrotechnical engineering

  • Best Management Practices and LID Development

  • Project engineering and management

  • Municipal engineering, water and wastewater treatment

  • Regulatory and policy Development

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Juver Garcia,

M.Sc., P.Eng.

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Designation: Professional Engineer Alberta

Juver is a senior professional engineer with over 20 years of engineering experience in the analysis, planning and design of water resources projects in Alberta and South America. Juver is known for his in-depth knowledge and experience with river engineering and floodplain analysis. Juver applies this knowledge and experience to find solutions to river engineering issues while being sensitive to the natural environment. His project experience include:

  • Watershed management and River engineering

  • Project management and Contract administration

  • Stormwater Management

  • Best Management Practices and Low-impact development

  • Stochastic hydrologic system analysis and modelling

  • Hydraulic structures design

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Karen Oldershaw,

B.Sc., M.E.Des., P.Biol.

Senior Environmental Specialist

Designation: Professional Biologist Alberta

Ms Karen Oldershaw is a registered professional biologist with over 19 years of experience working on projects across Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. She has worked for a variety of government and business sectors including Parks Canada, Natural Resources Canada, oil sands and conventional oil and gas, urban industrial, municipal development, and outdoor recreation. Additionally, Karen has extensive knowledge of the federal, provincial, and municipal environmental regulatory framework for project approvals; e.g. Species at Risk Act, Migratory Bird Convention Act, Alberta Wildlife Act, Alberta Water Act, Calgary Wetland Conservation Plan. Her experience include:


  • Project management

  • Third Party Review for municipalities

  • Quality assurance and control

  • Biophysical inventories and biophysical impact assessment

  • Wetland impact and functional assessments

  • Wildlife monitoring and wildlife habitat enhancement

  • Wetland and naturalized storm pond integration

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Amin A. Samra,

B.Sc., D. Eng. (Ag.-SIM)

Hydrometry Lead

ASAEB, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Member

CSBE, Canadian Society for Engineering in Agricultural, Food and Biological systems, Member

Mr Amin A. Samra is a highly experienced agricultural engineer, soils irrigation and mechanization specialist with more than 35 years of academic, technical, commercial, and managerial experience. Amin has managed a wide range of projects such as agricultural, municipal and large development irrigation and water management projects throughout Canada, the USA and the Middle East. Amin has proven experience in irrigation projects study, master planning, design, strategy implementation and management and he specializes in climate-plant-soil-water relationship modeling, water quality and water resource monitoring, including implementation of hydro-metric networks, remote monitoring and data collection systems. His project experience include:

  • Project planning,

  • Strategy implementation

  • Management administration

  • Project Life Cycle Cost analysis

  • Remote monitoring (climatic, hydrometric &water quality) Modelling and evaluation

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“The world must not be interpreted, it must be transformed. Man ceases to be the slave and tool of his environment and converts himself into the architect of his own destiny”
— Ernesto Che Guevara