Quarry Park, Calgary

2005 - 2016

Westhoff Engineering Resources, Inc. designed the entire Quarry Park development stormwater management system, a private system servicing a mix-use urban development. This unique system includes a linear stormwater pond and outlet piped system without slope, river and pond water level monitoring SCADA controls and stormwater pump system. A large twin culvert multi-plate bridge crossing 18th Street SE provides for connectivity of the stormwater storage facility and regional pathways underpass.

The challenge of the stormwater management at Quarry Park is the situational conditions with being adjacent to the Bow River and releases at time of elevated flood conditions in the river. Urban flooding during those situations is mitigated by including a stormwater pump system. Westhoff designed the stormwater system components to meet City of Calgary standards and supervised their construction.

The pumping system is designed to accommodate a 70 L/s flow rate at peak. It operates during river flood conditions to evacuate stormwater runoff from the storage area (central pond and open channels) when elevated river water levels prevent free outflow. The pumping operation is triggered by up-stream (pond water level) and downstream (river stage) signals with full SCADA controls and optional tie-in to the City monitoring system.

“Hydrology remains one of the few opportunities in technology where one’s diagnostic capability is put to the test of both theory and experience.”.
— Robert L Smith